A New Start

FullSizeRender   Today I start the beginning of a new career.  Instead of doing what I have to do, or what needs to be done, I am going to do what I want to do.  After recently leaving my company “voluntarily” I was faced with many decisions. One of them being “what do I want to be when I grow up?” At my previous job, I asked this question to prospective students every day  who were looking to go to school but not knowing what they wanted. Now I am faced with the same dilemma. How ironic.  At my age, it seems a little too late to start a new career that requires years of schooling and experience.  I obtained a bachelors degree at the age of 49 but with no experience in my field of study, it was difficult to find a job that paid as much as my previous one.

For the last month I have combed through job search engines, submitted resume’s, and networked with little success. Partly because I have been quite particular. I know it has only been a month, but bills do not stop coming.  The practical side of me wants a stable job with benefits, but I know it will most likely end up being something I utterly hate. Like my last job.  Quality of life means different things to different people. Hate the job but love the regular paycheck and the ability to sleep at night knowing you can at least make your house payment and utilities. But, come home stressed from pressures at work, and waking up every morning with a knot in your stomach, feeling complete and utter dread. Or, work a job you love, a “Jobby” as I call it, but constantly worry about money.  Which is the lesser of two evils?

I decided quality of life for me is to pursue my “Jobby”.  As the saying goes, I am not getting any younger. If I keep waiting for that perfect moment, it will never come.  I have to make it my perfect moment, even when it is the most imperfect timing. With the encouragement of my sweet husband, I have decided to pursue areas I love which includes interior design, home staging, and real estate photography.  I have never had any professional experience in any of these fields but the passion is real. I know I have a lot to learn but I had enough feed back to know I have some talent.  It’s not like when Simon Cowell says to those wanna-be singers at the American Idol auditions “your parents should be ashamed of themselves for leading you to believe you could sing!”.

So the moral of the story is, go to school earlier in life so you can get a good job and save money for the future. Then, you can pursue your Jobby when you are older like me and be happy.  In other words don’t do what I did and wait until it is almost too late. But if you did procrastinate, do it anyways. shannons phone 018


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