I Wanted a Garden, He Got Me A Garden!

“Ask and ye shall receive” brought on a whole new meaning last week when I told my husband I wanted to start a vegetable garden.  Now keep in mind, we don’t have a typical backyard with grass and trees,  but instead have a small narrow side yard with nothing but pavers.  I told him I needed some raised planter boxes so he said to me “well then, I will go just go build you one!”  And within an hour and a half I had a planter box!  I was stunned and amazed that not only could he produce one so fast, but do it so happily and willingly.  My hero!


He’s got Tools!

I decided I wanted a box I didn’t have to lean over too far because of my bad back.  I also wanted it to be narrow enough for just one row to keep it decorative and not crowd out the small space in our yard.  I have to confess, I wanted to be involved with the project so he humored me by teaching me how to use his power drill.  After fumbling with it a bit, I  managed to screw some of the pieces together.   I will never be as quick as he though.   We really enjoyed working together and he was as patient as can be.



I decided I wanted to give it a reclaimed wood look to it so I brushed on some gray stain and after it dried, gave it a good sanding.  I then treated it with Thompson’s water seal.  We lined the inside with plastic, and then drilled a few holes for drainage.  After covering the holes with rocks,  we added  garden soil purchased at a local landscape material company.  It is much cheaper than buying them in bags at the big box hardware stores.



I love my new garden and we plan on building more boxes because there are so many more types of vegies I want to try.


We received a lot of positive feedback from friends who said they want one, so we decided to build to order. Contact us for sizes and prices at 480-650-8863

IMG_3747    IMG_3762   IMG_3761


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